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What makes Freelancer Illuminati Unique!


We have our own freelancing website, which will provide a huge support to our freelancer trainees to explore the world of freelancing in-house and with proper support.



We at Freelancer Illuminati Provide training for particular freelancing course via MOODLE; An e-learning platform, which covers all the necessary steps needed to educate any individual with respect to the field.

Go to Get employment

Get employment

We at Freelancer Illuminati provides an opportunity to our trainees to be a part of our team by offering them part-time or full-time employment. We guarantee employment after course completion.

Go to Be your own boss

Be your own boss

Be your own boss! Yes, by completing our full course modules (online&offline) you will be able to start your own work and be your own boss, there will be no one to point you out, work anytime, anywhere!


Below are the main modules that we provide to our clients
Everything you see here is Imaginatively & Innovatively Implemented!

Freelancer Illuminati has been conceptualised to help individuals make the most out of the boom in freelancing in the world of different types of skills.

It is based on our belief that if you want to do a job after learning freelancing then it also helps in making your resume more powerful and makes it more attractive in the eyes of a potential recruiter because it makes you confident about your skills.

We at Freelancers Illuminati will cover all the aspects of
“How to do freelancing”
“Technical writing”
“Being a freelance Programmer”
“Freelance Web & Mobile Development”
“Digital/Online Marketing” by means of both classroom and online courses.

  • Freelance Programmer Course
    Software Develpment Course

  • How to do freelancing Course
    Introduction to Freelancing

  • Technical Writing Course
    Content Writing Course

  • Freelance Web Development
    Freelance Mobile Development

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